Top Six Online Colleges Offering a Free Laptop

The perks of attending an online college are numerous – you get to enjoy flexible schedules, studying at your own pace and an opportunity to complete the program of a reputable academic institution that’s located far away.

What happens, however, if you don’t have the necessary hardware to enrol in an online program? The answer is simple – you start looking for universities that have free laptops for their students. Many legitimate educational opportunities offer such support, which makes the programs even more attractive.

Bethel University

Tennessee ’s Bethel University was one of the first to launch such a technological initiative. A free laptop became available to each student that enrolled full-time in a Bethel program. The initiative has quickly increased the popularity of the university and it continues being offered on an annual basis.

The university has several online programs. There are undergraduate learning opportunities in the fields of organizational management, criminal justice and emergency service management. Three graduate study opportunities are also available for students to choose among – education, business administration and criminal justice.

All of the online program students will get a free iPad that comes with all necessary apps and study materials. A wireless keyboard is also included in the package.

College America

College America offers both online and hybrid learning opportunities. The hybrid program is the one that many students opt for due to the flexibility and the chance to interact with instructors face-to-face.

New students are issued a laptop that they get to keep after graduation. The program, however, is only available for students that are enrolled in the university’s undergraduate programs.

College America students get to choose among a big number of undergraduate learning opportunities in the fields of healthcare, business administration, information technology and graphic arts.

St. John’s University

Not only are students given a laptop that they get to keep after graduation but people enrolled in St. John’s University programs will also get to pick among three different models.

The St. John’s University online learning opportunities are the same as the classroom activities. The courses are created by the same faculty members and through the digital learning platforms, students can access lectures and discussion options that enhance the experience.

Some of the online degrees available at St. John’s University focus in the fields of administrative studies, business administration, criminal justice, liberal arts and liberal studies.

Northwestern Missouri State University

Students enrolled in the Northwestern Missouri State University program will get a free laptop that will have to be returned upon completing the academic program.

Currently, the program features an HP EliteBook 840 G1 Notebook. The laptop is equipped with 4GB of RAM, Windows 7 Professional and MS Office 2013 – all of the essentials for effective participation in the online courses.

When it comes to online learning opportunities, Northwestern Missouri State University gives students a chance to obtain both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Individuals can pick among undergraduate programs in the fields of business management and marketing. The graduate programs are in the fields of geographic information science, instructional technology, teaching and special education.

Independence University

Students that begin an Independence University online program will be given a free tablet. After the completion of the fourth program module, students will also get a free of charge laptop. Both of these can be kept after successfully obtaining a degree.

Independence University has been developing distance learning programs for more than 30 years. These are mainly geared towards the needs of working adults that want to improve their education. Some of the fields that potential students can choose among include healthcare, business administration, computer science and graphic arts.

Seton Hill University

This is another legitimate online learning opportunity that gives students access to several kinds of technological support. Seton Hill University has both iPads and MacBooks available for the individuals enrolled in the university’s programs.

The new full-time students receive an iPad immediately after admission. Undergraduate students will also get a MackBook Air. Upon graduating, students are free to take both pieces with them.

Seton Hill University has numerous hybrid programs that are designed for the needs of busy professionals. More information about each individual program and the manner in which it can be completed can be found on the individual degree page.

These are just six of the online universities that have free laptops or tablets for their students. Some other universities that offer similar perks include Wake Forest University , Ursinus College , ASU Online, the Berklee College of Music, Gordon College and Long Island University .

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