Top 7 Travel Counsellor Schools in Canada

Having earned a travel degree or diploma in Canada could potentially offer you exciting benefits and prepare your for great future endeavors. As the number of people who love to travel around the world is significantly increasing, there is likewise a substantial demand for certified travel counsellors. There is indeed a good future in joining the travel and tourism industry and helping turn the travel dreams of others,into reality.

Choosing the best travel counsellor schools in Canada can provide everything you need to know in exploring the world of travel and tourism industry. You are given concrete training and studies to learn about various travel destinations as well as an effective and professional way to assist clients build a stress-free vacation package.

Start your studies now by selecting the top travel counsellor schools in Canada - listed below:

Canadian Tourism College

For over 30 years, this learning institution is one of prestigious colleges in Canada situated in Surrey, Vancouver that offers quality travel and tourism education and trainings. Proficient and knowledgeable professionals are teaching students to equip them with the necessary learnings they need for travel and tourism careers in the future. Two types of learnings for entry level are offered: specialized courses that help students to expand their skills in various areas like small tour group leadership, selling of vacation and tour packages as well as cruise market among others or the office or home based trainings for travel professionals. This institution likewise focuses in preparing students to attain the necessary skills and professionalism desired by tourism and travel employers. visit us now!

Medicine Hat College

Located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, this public community college provides program and training for those who wanted to become a certified travel counsellor. This institution for travel and tourism students has been providing a great alternative in the traditional education which motivated many students for several decades now. Their training and program structures are designed by travel experts to prepare students for their careers in the future.

Algonquin Careers Academy

Provides online trainings and courses which are accredited and recognized, you can study the necessary learnings in various travel techniques right at the comforts of your own home. They are as well providing quality and unique programs which will ready students to succeed in travel and tourism industry. Their education programs are certified to have produced thousands of successful professionals in travel and tourism careers.

Humber College

The online program gives emphasis in preparing individuals for better employment in the travel industry through providing them with the required skills and learnings in becoming competent and certified travel counsellors. This also allows students to complete the training or course program designed for their convenience and own schedule. This institution is based in Toronto.

Vancouver Central College

Programs, trainings and courses to be certified in your travel profession are designed for students’ needs. As the trend in tourism, travel and hospitality industry has been drastically changing, this institution focuses on how to prepare students to adopt in these changes. Specific skills and trainings in the field of travel and tourism are given emphasis in the program offered. Graduates are guaranteed for immediate employment in hotels, travel agencies or tourism development fields. See more here

Metropolitan College of Travel Industry Training, Inc.

As a recognized college in Hamilton, Ontario, the programs offered are approved by Ontario Ministry of education. Financial aid is extended to students through scholarship program. Individualized attention is focused to a small size classroom which could guarantee students to keep motivated. Also, the programs offered are recognized by the ministry and government.

Cape Breton Business College

This college is one of the most reputable educational institutions in Canada which is based in Nova Scotia. The programs offered are career oriented which equip students with the latest techniques on travel and tourism. Graduates are given better job opportunities through the assistance of their job placement department.

If you wish to achieve a promising career as a certified travel counsellor that will offer you a handful benefits, now is the right time to enroll in one of the top travel and tourism schools in Canada. Not only you will provide information sources to clients and assist them in their travel needs but you will also have better chances of enjoying and exploring various destinations around the world.

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