Benefits of being a Certified Travel Counsellor

Should you pursue certification to become a travel counsellor? How will this professional path be different from what a tourism agent does? The truth is that the additional work and getting the certificate can pay off in better professional opportunities.The world is becoming an increasingly global place and more people take lengthy vacations. Many of … Read more

How Do You Become a Certified Travel Counsellor?

The travel industry these past few years has gained tremendous popularity due to the rising demands of people for a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend holidays. Accordingly, a certified travel counsellor is one of the most sought after careers in this arena. This has become a promising job in the travel and tourism agencies … Read more

Top 7 Travel Counsellor Schools in Canada

Having earned a travel degree or diploma in Canada could potentially offer you exciting benefits and prepare your for great future endeavors. As the number of people who love to travel around the world is significantly increasing, there is likewise a substantial demand for certified travel counsellors. There is indeed a good future in joining … Read more