The Top 10 Best Colleges for Ski Bums

It can be a lot of fun to ski and snowboard over manmade hills. You get the experience of sliding down a steep hillside with nothing but your own skills to keep you from crashing into anything. But there’s something even better than skiing on a manmade hill and that’s skiing down a natural mountainside. Nothing will test your skills and your drive more than plummeting down a giant mountain but nothing else will give you that amazing rush of adrenaline and force either. So which universities are the best for those who really love to ski? Let’s check it out.


Sierra Nevada

Tahoe has been a pretty popular place for skiing fanatics for a long time but for most it’s a place to go after college. Our opinion is ‘why wait?’ Spend your university years at Sierra Nevada and you’ll be able to not only ski after you graduate but while you’re finishing up your studies as well. This is a great place to spend your time if you just can’t wait to hit the slopes after class.


University of Alaska-Anchorage

The largest university in Alaska This one offers the Alyeska ski area, backcountry skiing and heli and cat-skiing in several areas as well. You’ll be tempted to try out everything and you’ll definitely be pushing yourself to get to all your classes on time with those great slopes and experiences waiting nearly right outside your door. You won’t want to spend your time indoors at a desk that’s for sure.


Western Washington University

Mt. Baker offers some of the best skiing around any ski buff will tell you that studying at Western Washington University is going to be hard with that amazing place beckoning from nearly outside your window. You’ll love the experience of the school and you’ll definitely be captivated by the amazing experiences of the skiing.


University of Vermont

Skiing at Killington Mountain Resort, Smuggler’s Notch and Mad River Glen will make sure you never go back to skiing on a small manmade hill again. You’ll be up for the next mountain trip with these experiences under your belt. Equipment can even be rented from campus and nearly everyone is ready to hit the slopes at the end of the week. The ski team is actually one of the best in the entire country and recently won the NCAA skiing championship. If you hope to get on the team you definitely better be good.


Plymouth State University

This university actually has a specific ski day which closes school and allows students and staff to enjoy the mountains and the amazing experience of skiing at your best. Of course with Cannon Mountain, Tenney, Waterville, Loon, and Ragged Mountains all within a reasonable distance it’s difficult to stay off the hills even when school is in session. Don’t let this amazing school pass by, you’ll love the experience of skiing (or snowboarding) through these natural mountains.


Western State College of Colorado

Love skiing? Then you’ll love this university which actually offers upgrades to your discount skiing passes based on your GPA. Guess they found the perfect way to keep all those ski bums in the classroom on class days. If you get your GPA high enough you’ll be able to ski at a lower rate than your classmates and that means you can spend even more time skiing (but don’t forget to study too).


Middlebury College

Middlebury offers students several opportunities to ski throughout the state and the local area but, even better, it has its own Middlebury Snow Bowl where students are able to ski right on campus. If you’re looking for a competitive ski school you should know that there’s been a Middlebury alumni at ever Winter Olympics since 1948. If you’re good and hope to be great this is a place you’re not going to want to miss out on. There’s plenty of opportunity for skiing and more.


Montana State University

This university and the city of Bozeman where it’s located offer some of the best skiing anywhere. You’ll love the opportunities that abound in this area from Bridger Bowl to Moonlight Basin. There’s even an opportunity for kite skiing across the MSU campus. For those who love skiing this city has been named as one of the best in the world by Outside Magazine and National Geographic. Who are we to argue with such well-versed authorities at those?


University of New Hampshire

This university has its own Ski and Board Club which is actually the largest club on the entire campus. One of the great benefits of this club is that it actually rents a bus to take students to the Loon Mountain and Maine’s Sunday River every weekend so they can perfect their skills and have a great time on the slopes. You’ll want to be a part of this great club and even if you aren’t you’ll want to take advantage of the benefits of that free bus ride every weekend. Just make sure you can get there early enough to make sure you have a seat.


University of Colorado at Boulder

Located right near Eldora Mountain, Vail and Beaver Creek this university offers plenty of places to strap on your skis and experience the mountains. If you’re really into skiing you’ll also have the opportunity to join the ski team which is considered one of the best in the country. There have even been pros attending this school so who knows, you just might be able to snag a spot with this amazing team and the opportunity of a lifetime to experience skiing as it was meant to be.

Skiing doesn’t just have to be a pastime. It can actually be a full-fledged sport that you and your schoolmates will definitely enjoy. Have some fun skiing down some of the best mountains in the country while you get a first class education as well with these schools recommended by ESPN.

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