Best Community Colleges

Community colleges offer excellent possibilities for the students that can’t afford expensive tuition and the ones that aren’t certain about four-year college education. These are just some of the reasons why a community college may be the right option for you.

Community colleges in theUS aren’t created equal. Some have much better academic opportunities to offer. The following list will acquaint you with a few of the best community colleges in theUS.

Fort Scott Community College

Fort Scott is one of the oldest community colleges in theUS. It was established in 1919 and it is the first community college inKansas. The college has an excellent student to teacher ratio of 12 to one – a number that’s excellent for a community college.

Currently, the total enrolment at Fort Scott is 1931 people.

In terms of tuition fees,Fort Scott does offer excellent opportunities. For academic year 2013/14, the in-district tuition fee was 2,610 dollars and out-of-state students had to spend 4,380 dollars.

Students can choose among 14 academic programs and certificate options. A few of the most popular programs at Fort Scott Community College include health professions, transportation, liberal arts, sciences, humanities and general studies.

FortScott does offer distance learning opportunities on top of the campus-based programs. This is yet another option used by the administration to bring enrollment up.

Santa Barbara City College

A larger university, Santa Barbara City College has 19,331 students that are to obtain an associate’s degree upon the completion of their academic program. An open admission policy boosts the popularity of the college among individuals seeking an inexpensive, yet high quality educational option.

The tuition fees are quite competitive. In-state students should expect to spend an average of 1,374 dollars on their education and the sum for out-of-state students is 7,254 dollars.

There are associate’s degrees and certificates in 29 different disciplines. Some of the most popular programs at the university include liberal arts, interdisciplinary studies, degrees in the field of healthcare and sciences.

The full-time retention rate at Santa Barbara City College is 60 percent. The entering students who are full-time first year undergraduates represent 46 percent of the student population. Students benefit from services like distance learning opportunities, employment services, credit for life experiences, remedial services and academic counseling.

Rend Lake College

With total enrollment of 2,714 students, Rend Lake College ranks among the smaller institutions in theUS. The public institution has its campus located in a peaceful rural area and the student to faculty ratio is 15 to one.

The highest degree available to students at Rend Lake is associate’s degree. There are 17 degree and certificate options that students can choose among. Some of the disciplines include agriculture, architecture, health care coaching, industrial electronics, psychology, pharmacy, office systems technology and communications.

When it comes to tuition, in-state students should expect to pay an average of 3,232 dollars. The tuition fee for out-of-state students is 4,896 dollars.

Rend Lake College also attracts students with the extra-curricular activities available. It has a couple of sports teams that compete in basketball, cross country and track and field competitions.

Distance learning opportunities are also available to the students that can’t attend campus-based programs.

Mohave Community College

Located inArizona, Mohave Community College has several campuses that students can choose among. The student to faculty ratio is 16 to one, which is once again excellent for a community academic institution.

The college offers two-year, associate’s degree programs. The university started with nursing classes and gradually expanded the number of opportunities available. A few of the options that students can choose among today include business administration, culinary arts, education, engineering, computer science, industrial technology and liberal arts.

Currently, Mohave Community College has 5,227 students. The university has an open admission policy. The average in-state tuition fee is 2,040 dollars and the cost for out-of-state students is 7,656 dollars. Nearly 52 percent of the students receive some kind of financial aid. The average scholarship or grant is 6,417 dollars.

In terms of student life, Mohave Community College has a number of academic clubs, music bands, newspapers, radio stations, sports teams and theatre/drama clubs. An honor society is also available.

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