Best Online Programs Master’s in Healthcare Administration

Professionals that have degree in healthcare administration play an important role in the management of medical facilities. A graduate degree in the field is a wonderful opportunity for accessing better paid and more lucrative employment options.

Various universities have online master’s in healthcare administration programs. Needless to say, the quality varies from one college to another and here’s a list that presents some of the top remote educational programs in the field.

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Pennsylvania State University World Campus

Penn State is known for the quality of the online educational programs. The online master in healthcare administration is no exception. The degree brings together health-related experience with the skills and background that businessmen need to be effective managers.

All of the faculty members responsible for student instruction are professionals and academics having decades of experience in the healthcare administration field. Students are encouraged to interact with the professors, which makes the learning experience even more beneficial.

The Penn State graduate program in healthcare administration consists of 49 credits. Some of the courses that students get to choose among include financing healthcare, clinical issues for health service management, financial management in health service organisations, quality improvement in healthcare, managerial epidemiology and health service organisational behaviour.

The cost per credit is set at 930 dollars for all students.

University of Florida

University of Florida has a very interesting remote learning opportunity that comes in the form of a combined MBA/MHA degree. It brings together aspects of healthcare administration and aspects of business administration. There are 15 courses that can be taken online and an MHA internship.

Depending on the amount of time that students can dedicate to the program, it can be completed in a three-year period.

Some of the courses that students can choose among include the US healthcare system, introduction to management of health service organisations, healthcare finance, introduction to public health, information management in health administration and healthcare data analytics.

The cost of participating in the program is 975 dollars per credit.

University of Texas

The University of Texas at Dallas has a high quality graduate program in health management and administration. The program is accredited by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

The program consists of 36 credit hours and depending on the schedule that students feel comfortable with, a graduate degree can be obtained in anywhere from 18 to 24 months. Keep in mind that approximately 60 percent of the classes can be taken online but a portion of the learning process will have to be completed on campus.

The courses that the program consists of are divided in several fields – a business core, a healthcare core and a set of electives. Some of the courses that the students can choose among include organisational behaviour, marketing management, American healthcare system, healthcare informatics, healthcare cost management and control, ethics in healthcare management, internal audits and healthcare operations management.

The cost per credit in this program is significantly lower than the cost of the other two programs mentioned so far – it’s 663 dollars per credit.

Portland State University

Portland State University has an online MBA program with a specialisation in the field of healthcare administration. The program can be completed remotely and it’s accredited by AACSB. Depending on the workload that students feel comfortable with, a degree can be obtained in a period ranging from 21 to 30 months.

The healthcare MBA curriculum is quite diversified. Students can choose among numerous courses like understanding the healthcare industry, marketing and strategy, operations and quality in healthcare, leadership and management in healthcare and financial management in healthcare. A capstone project will have to be completed for students to obtain their degree in this 72-credit program.

Portland State University also puts emphasis on practical experience. Students can choose to acquire this experience in international settings or they can complete the practical part of their learning in Portland.

This program is the most affordable one when it comes to the cost per credit – 660 dollars. The number of credits, however, is the biggest one and this fact brings the cost of obtaining the graduate degree up to 47,520 dollars.

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