The Difference Between PA and MD

The Difference Between PA and MD

If you are thinking of going into health care, there are numerous different routes you can take. The two most popular occupations in healthcare are a medical doctor (MD) and physician assistant (PA). We will help distinguish the difference between the two so you have a better understanding of them.Becoming an MDBecoming a doctor is … Read more

Top 5 Best Colleges for Interior Design around the World in 2018

Top 5 Best Colleges for Interior Design around the World in 2018

While most of the architecture schools around the world have studios where students can learn about interior design, it should be noted that the two fields of study are actually quite different and should branch out on their own. Nowadays, numerous universities in several countries have implemented change that allows students to study interior design … Read more

How Much Do CRNA’s Make on Average?

CRNAS in a nutshell A Certified Nurse Anesthetist is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) who has acquired graduate-level education and board certification in anesthesia. In the United States, the national association – representing more than 90% of the nurse anesthetists – is called American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). The National Board of Certification … Read more

How to Get Health Insurance as a Student

So many students lack an idea about a challenging aspect of going to university. This aspect has nothing to do with academic importance but it’s the key to student wellbeing. It’s getting the right health insurance. In the past, it wasn’t very easy for students to pick an option that would provide sufficient coverage in the … Read more

The Best Online Programs Master of Science in Nursing

Nurses that are looking for even better professional opportunities should think about getting a graduate degree in the field. A master in nursing (MSN) degree enables professionals to work as nurse practitioners, certified clinical nurses, certified nurse anaesthetists and as several other specialised experts. If you’re already working as a nurse or you’re looking for an … Read more

Best Online Programs Master’s in Healthcare Administration

Professionals that have degree in healthcare administration play an important role in the management of medical facilities. A graduate degree in the field is a wonderful opportunity for accessing better paid and more lucrative employment options. Various universities have online master’s in healthcare administration programs. Needless to say, the quality varies from one college to another … Read more

Best Online Programs Master’s in Health Informatics

Entering the medical field will give you superb opportunities for enjoying workplace stability. You don’t have to pursue interactions with patients if you don’t think that the specific type of work will be ideal for you. The medical sector features other lucrative career development opportunities. An online graduate degree in health informatics will give you an … Read more

How Much does an X-Ray Tech Make?

An X-ray tech or radiologic technologist, as these professionals are also known, is responsible for performing diagnostic imaging. These professionals work with patients and help physicians identify both injuries and diseases. The job of the X-ray technician is quite challenging because it involves standing up for a long period of time and interacting with multiple patients … Read more

Best Online Programs Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing is one of the top professions by recruitment in the medical field, research shows. The demand for professionals having a nursing degree will increase by 19 per cent in the period until 2022, the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reports. The mean annual salary that nurses enjoy in theUS is 65,470 dollars – another … Read more

How Much do Medical Technologists Make?

A medical technologist is a professional that gets an opportunity to work in the field of healthcare without having to interact directly with patients. The profession requires analytical skills that are used to properly diagnose conditions. Technologists typically work in labs where they examine samples under a microscope or they take a look at the … Read more