10 Mistakes to Avoid Making as a Freshmen

Being a freshmen is tough. Living on your own for the first time means new ways of dealing with your responsibilities, new experiences and new knowledge. It is easy to make mistakes in this transitioning period. Avoiding the following mistakes will help you navigate your first year of college without damaging your grades, your friendships … Read more

Why You should have College Goals?

Setting goals in college is one of the most important prerequisites for success. It can teach you discipline and prepare you for some of the biggest challenges that you’ll go through later on in life. Individuals that set goals during their college years are more focused and much more productive. This attitude impacts their grades, … Read more

Top Five Specialized Majors that will Result in a Wonderful Career

More and more universities are putting emphasis on specialization. Is there something really special and exciting about specialized majors? The number of employers looking for professionals having highly specific, even niche skills, is growing all the time. This is why colleges have responded to the changing demand and given students access to new academic opportunities. … Read more

How to Increase your Odds of Passing Your College Interview?

An admission interview is a standard procedure that many reputable colleges rely on to test the candidates and pick the best ones. Such an interview can be tremendously nerve-racking, especially if you’re eager to get accepted by the particular institution. What does it take to ace the college interview? A bit of preliminary work and … Read more

10 Ways to Save Money for Your First Year at College

Living and academic expenses during your first year in college can add up to a serious amount. If you want to make it through without declaring bankruptcy, you’ll need to do a bit of preliminary thinking and you’ll also have to look into money saving opportunities. There are several ways in which you can save … Read more

The 3 Best Degrees to get to be a Real Estate Agent

To be a success in the real estate field, one needs to be aware of the goals and requirements of this career. The people currently entering the real estate business have diverse educational backgrounds, each with their own specialty in the business, for example: real estate real estate agent, real estate broker, realtor or in … Read more

Top 10 Toughest Colleges To Get Accepted To

1. Stanford Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn….all Ivy Leagues, and all prestigious, but all are behind Stanford University for the top spot in the lowest acceptance rate for all applicants. Stanford admitted just over 2100 students this year, 5.07 percent of their applicant pool. So what is it about Stanford that is such a big draw … Read more