Do Medical Schools Accept Courses Completed Online?

Going to medical school is your dream? If so, you’ve already taken the needed premedical requirement courses or you’re planning to do so. Some of these courses can be completed as a part of an online program. Is this a good idea, however?

Each medical school has its specific requirements and criteria when it comes to the completion of premedical course requirements. If you have a certain school in mind that you’d like to attend in the future, it would be a good idea about their policy and the acceptance of online courses.

Online Premedical Colleges: Choosing the Right One

Obviously, in order to have the premedical courses that you’ve completed online counted towards your med school admission, you’ll need to choose an online academic institution that has the necessary accreditation.

Keep in mind that online bachelor programs in scientific fields aren’t that common. Thus, you should be prepared to have a few options that you can choose among.

Medical schools tend to be more positive about premed schools that have hybrid programs. This means that you’ll get to take classes online and attend the university campus to complete labs and other activities. This way, programs give you flexibility and the practical experience that is so essential for becoming a medical student.

Finally, take a look at the curriculum and the major specifics. The program should most definitely cover essentials like physics, chemistry, math, biology and organic chemistry.

Entering Med School after Completing Your Online Courses

Once you complete your undergraduate, premedical program online, you’ll have to do research about medical universities. Remember that each school examined numerous candidate factors before granting admission. Some of these factors include academic history and GPA, MCAT results, recommendations, candidacy letters, community work and information obtained during an admission interview.

It’s crucial to have a good idea about all of these components. Boosting your performance in all of the areas will increase the likelihood of getting admitted regardless of the premed education format that you have chosen.

More and more universities seem to have a positive predisposition towards online courses. Numerous studies suggest there are no differences in the skills that students acquire through traditional classroom activities and through online programs.

As time passes, more and more universities will get to recognize the quality and the benefits that stem from online learning. For the time being, however, there are still some medical schools that refrain from accepting students that have obtained an undergraduate degree through an online program.

Currently, there are multiple online lists and information in forums about the medical universities ready to accept students that have an online undergraduate degree in a premed discipline. Doing a basic search will give you access to such vital information and help you do a better plan for your academic future.

What can You do to Get Admitted?

As a current or a potential premed student, you can do several things to make sure that you’ll be admitted to a medical school of preference.

For a start, be very careful when it comes to assessing the quality and the accreditation of online premedical program. If you get your undergraduate degree from a reputable university that has years of tradition in the respective scientific field, you’ll increase the likelihood of making the diploma count in your favor.

Refrain from opting for a 100 per cent online program. Hybrid learning is much better when it comes to acquiring practical skills that you’ll need later on during your medical studies. A hybrid program will increase your chances of getting accepted and it will also give you better skills than purely theoretical online learning.

Work hard on getting the best possible grades. As already mentioned, your overall academic performance is one of the factors that will have a profound impact on admission. Acing your MCAT exam is another essential step towards making sure that you’ll be admitted to medical school.

It’s your responsibility to check admission requirements and figure out whether your academic history turns you into a good candidate. Even if a medical school’s website doesn’t feature such information, you can give the admission center a call. These reps will give you all of the details about online course acceptance and the things that you can do to increase your chances of success.

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