The Best Online Programs for Obtaining a Master’s in Education Degree

Many full-time teachers are looking for opportunities to advance their careers. Obtaining a master’s degree is certainly a good idea but it can be too cumbersome and time-consuming for working professionals.

Online programs are a great possibility for working teachers. If you’re considering a master’s degree in education, you may want to explore the opportunities provided by some of the best universities that have the accreditation and the perfectly-developed technological platform.

1. University of Houston

University of Houston was ranked first among the universities offering online graduate programs in education by USNews and World Report. The university got top scores in terms of faculty credentials, student services, quality of the technological platform, student engagement and admission selectivity.

On top of that, students get to choose among several graduate programs in the field of education. The university offers degrees in early childhood education, mathematics education and special education.

All of the programs focus on essential skills like scholarly research, presentation skills, evaluation skills and curriculum implementation.

When it comes to tuition fees, the cost of the program is in the range of 21,000 dollars. The exact amount will depend whether you a resident or a non-resident and on the number of credits you’ll be taken. Financial assistance options are available in the form of scholarships, fellowships and graduate assistantship.

2. Florida State University

Another university that has a well-developed online platform, Florida State University has several opportunities for obtaining a graduate degree in education.

Potential students can choose among master’s programs in curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, instructional systems and learning technologies, learning and cognition and special education studies.

There are several online doctoral degree options in the field of education, as well.

TheFloridaStateUniversity online curricula are identical to the campus activity. There’s no distinction made between a degree that’s obtained online and a degree acquired in the traditional way. All of the instructors have doctoral degrees and online consultations are available.

The cost is the same as attending the university but students will also have to pay a distance learning fee. Financial aid is available in the form of scholarships, loans and fellowships.

3. Northern Illinois University

The master of science in education program at Northern Illinois University can be completed online or in a hybrid format. The university doesn’t have the same diversity in terms of graduate degrees as the other two academic institutions already mentioned but the quality is superb.

Most of theNorthernIllinoisUniversity instructors have at least five years of online teaching experience. In fact, USNews and World Report ranks the faculty among the 20 best in the field of online graduate degree provision.

Depending on the program that has been chosen, there could be some requirements for attending on-campus activities. All of this information is provided on the university’s official website, making it easier to plan.

4. Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania University’s World Campus is a leader when it comes to both the quality and the diversity of the online graduate programs in education.

Students can choose among several interesting areas of specialisation. The university has graduate programs in adult education, art education, curriculum and instruction, earth sciences, educational leadership, higher education, learning technology and special education.

The university has well-established academic traditions. It was founded in 1855 and the online platform was launched in 1998. This was one of the first universities in theUS to give students an opportunity to acquire a 100 percent online degree.

Most of the education programs consist of approximately 30 units. The tuition per credit is 805 dollars, which brings the cost of the program to a total of 24,150. Financial assistance options are available in the form of scholarships, a deferred payment plan, employer reimbursements and student loans.

5. Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University’s global campus is fifth in the USNews and World Report ranking. Students can choose between a degree in education and a degree in educational leadership.

The program consists of 18 semester hours dedicated to the core requirements and anywhere between 12 and 16 semester hours dedicated to electives. Some of the core requirements include advanced technology in education, educational psychology, theory and practice in curriculum development and applied educational evaluation.

The university is a bit more affordable than some of the other entries in the list. The cost per semester hour is 527 dollars per credit hour, which brings the cost of the entire program to approximately 15,810 dollars. Financial assistance options are also available.

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