How much does a Mechanical Engineer Make?

Mechanical engineer is the person who deals with industrial machinery and implements efficient solutions to run smooth operation of the industry. Mechanical engineers indulge in research and development, designing and implementation, testing and checking of a number of tools and instruments. You can easily observe the work of a mechanical engineer when you see a fridge, an elevator or automated doors of shopping malls. Mechanical engineer is considered to be jack of all trades. According to a survey of engineering association London, people find it interesting to work with mechanical engineers in their projects as they have well versed knowledge of all the aspects of the project. However, the job can become stressful if project management skills are lacking in the individual.

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In Canada, people involved in the field of mechanical engineering are 92 percent males and 8 percent females. A high discrimination of gender is to be seen in this field which is by choice of the latter gender. A lot of fieldwork is required for a mechanical engineer making it a more male oriented job. People with 1-4 years of experience constitute the major chunk of the workforce i.e. 48%. Following are the engineers with 5-9 years of experience i.e. 24%.

Popular Skills

The most popular skills for a mechanical engineer in Canada are predominantly as follows:

Average Yearly Salary

In Canada, Mechanical engineers are paid well like the engineers in all other fields. The annual average salary of a mechanical engineer in Canada is $61,156. The lower ten percent earn an average salary of $45,000, whereas the top ten percent earns an average annual salary of $90,000. Bonuses of mechanical engineers range from $0 to $9,856 per year. They also work on the basis of profit sharing with the companies and the range is from $121.2- $12,108. Commission can also play a part in the salary of a mechanical engineer ranging from $49.13 – $7,630.

Popular Employer Salaries for Mechanical Engineers

Bombardier is considered to be one of the top employers for mechanical engineers. It pays an average salary of %68,000 per year. SNC-Lavalin Inc. is also one of the desirable firms for mechanical engineers, it pays an average salary of $$62,500 per year to a mechanical engineer. WorleyParsons top the list of high salaries with an average salary of $72,500 per year to the mechanical engineers working under their roof.

Salary by Experience

It is natural that salary increases with the increase in the number of years worked in a particular field. Same goes for mechanical engineers. Entry level engineers earn on average $58000 per year whereas the salary increases to above $85000 for engineers with 20 years plus experience.

Salary by Location

Working in different cities have a great impact on the level of salary in the field of mechanical engineering. The best cities in Canada for Mechanical engineers are Fort McMurray and Calgary. Fort McMurray has 36% higher salary brackets and Calgary has 28% higher salary brackets than the average salary of mechanical engineers in Canada.

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