Some of the Best Online X-Ray Technician Scholarships

X-ray technicians have excellent professional development opportunities, which is why so many young individuals are choosing this career path. To be a successful X-ray technician, however, one will have to acquire the right kind of education.

Interested in becoming an X-ray technician but wondering about the cost of the program? Several possibilities exist for reducing the expenses. Online X-ray technician scholarships are one of the best options for getting the best possible education without breaking the bank.

Here’s a list of the most readily obtainable online X-ray technician scholarships.

How to Find an X-Ray Technician Scholarship

Many schools that have online X-ray technician programs also give students access to various scholarships. Starting with a bit of internet research will be the key to acquainting yourself with the possibilities, the differences between the scholarships and the amounts of money you’ll get to save on the education.

Keep in mind that scholarships and grants are different from loans. These can be considered “free money.” You will not have an obligation to make a repayment to the institution providing the scholarship. Some of the scholarships, however, are designed for certain specialists or they may have particular requirements for all of the applicants.

Once you choose a school that has an excellent X-ray technician program, contact the financial aid office. The professionals working there will tell you whether the particular online program comes with financial aid opportunities.

Also, you may want to assess healthcare-specific scholarship programs available in more than one school. The demand for healthcare professionals will continue growing due to an aging population and the prevalence of chronic illnesses. This is one of the main reasons why numerous national, federal and regional institutions will be willing to provide financial assistance to the individuals that choose specialties within the medical field.

Finally, you may also want to look from scholarships provided by private organizations. Once again, doing a simple online search will give you an idea about what’s available and whether future X-ray technicians can apply for such forms of financial assistance.

Kaplan University ’s Online X-Ray Technician Scholarship

Kaplan University has one of the best online X-ray technician programs. On top of getting access to a well-developed curriculum, students will also get to choose among a range of financial assistance options.

The school itself offers various kinds of scholarships for the individuals that meet the academic standards set by the institution. This means that the access to the financial assistance is performance-based. The number of students that meet the criteria and the annual scholarship budget will be determining for the amount that individuals enrolled in the X-ray technician program will get access to.

In addition, students enrolled in the Kaplan University online X-ray technician program may choose an additional financial assistance option in the form of a loan.

Adventist University of Health Sciences Financial Aid

Adventist University of Health Sciences has an online bachelor degree in radiology program, as well as financial aid options.

The tuition price for participation in the program is 395 dollars per credit hour and students will need to complete 132 credits to complete the program. The types of financial aid that participants in the program will get access to include federal and state grants, scholarships and student loans. More information about the eligibility requirements is available on this page.

Northern Arizona University Scholarships

The online program developed by Northern Arizona University will result in obtaining a bachelor of science degree in diagnostic medical imaging and therapy. The program consists of 120 credits. The fee system is quite interesting and innovative because it’s flat. Still, students will need to pay for their access to the educational materials.

When it comes to financial assistance, Northern Arizona University doesn’t disappoint.

Some of the financial assistance possibilities that students can choose among include private scholarships, grants and student loans. All of the participants in the online program are eligible for Federal Student Aid and more information about the application process is provided on the university’s financial assistance page that’s been linked above.

Regardless of the university and the X-ray technician program that you choose, scholarships are available. Many of these aren’t linked to a specific online education opportunity, which gives you the freedom to pick the school that you’d like to join and to look for scholarships afterward.

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