TICO Sample Exam Answers – Supervisor Manager Exam

Sample Exam Questions to help prepare for the Education Standards Supervisor/ Manager Exam

Answer Sheet

1.) John is a student who has decided to create his own company to provide walking tours in his hometown of Thunder Bay. Some tourists book a tour, but because John has the flu, he does not show up. The tourists complain to TICO that their afternoon was ruined. Why is TICO unable to assist these consumers?

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2.) Ontario Regulation 26/05 states that a person who has not registered with TICO in the previous 12 months must provide a

3.) A man has violated the Travel Industry Act, 2002 by providing services as a travel agent without actually being registered. As a result of his conviction, the penalty could be

4.) The time limit for prosecuting offences under the Act is no more than ___________ after the Director first becomes aware of the facts on which the proceeding is based. Fill in the blank with the correct answer from one of the following:

5.) The landlord of the building where ABC Travel is located, is planning a major renovation. ABC Travel is forced to find an alternate location until the renovation is completed. What is ABC Travel’s duty as far as TICO is concerned?

6.) As defined in Ontario Regulation 26/05, a financial statement does NOT need to include

7.) A trust account may NOT be used to

8.) The amount of working capital required by a travel agency is based on which of the following?

9.) All agencies are required to maintain business records. Which of the following does NOT fall under the category of business records?

10.) ABC Travel Agency has been in business for two years. The owner informs TICO that plans to stop maintaining a trust account. Under Ontario Regulation 26/05, can he do this?

11.) When a consumer makes a complaint about a registrant to TICO, what will the Registrar do?

12.) The manager of ABC Travel is on holiday. At 10:00 a.m., a TICO inspector arrives to inspect the financial records. While the agency’s staff know where the records are kept, they refuse to open the files, telling the inspector that the manager will be back in two weeks and the inspector will have to wait. According to Ontario Regulation 26/05, this is

13.) A TICO investigator arrives at ABC Travel Agency and sees someone inside taking files from the cabinets and burning them in a pail. The investigator enters the agency and searches the premises, without a search warrant. Is the investigator allowed to do this?

14.) If a person has defaulted on paying a fine for an offence, TICO can do which of the following?


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    Question #13 has the wrong answer listed. The study manual says that an inspector can enter in exigent circumstances.

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