Top 5 Engineering Graduate Employers in Canada

Arguably engineering is one of the toughest professional degrees out in the world. Engineering students spend hours into the night pouring over books, going over designs, specifications and reasoning all to solve a problem, to coming up with quickest, most effective solution. Hence, engineers are considered to be clear headed, straight forward and logical. They can follow instructions to the T as that is what they have been moulded into.

These graduates are hard working and career driven. Amongst all the graduates, most engineering graduates have their future mapped out and have a specific goal in their mind’s eye. Still once graduated even with internships under the belt they find themselves at a fork, wondering what would be the best option for them. Considering that we have come up with a list of the top five engineering employers here in Canada. These include:

  • Bombardier
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Government of Canada
  • Boeing

Some of what these companies are about and what they can offer you is detailed under.


To start with Bombardier is the only company that manufactures both planes and trains. In rail technology Bombardier Transportation is considered to be a global leader. For Bombardier it’s all about providing the most efficient, resilient and comfortable for the people. Bombardier values its employees. They consider each and every one of them to be part of the success and achievements and hence provide you with one of the best working environment worldwide.


Most everyone who has a smartphone or a tablet knows what Apple is. Plain and simple Apple is the pioneer of designing smartphones and tablets. Not only do the design the iPhone, iPad and iPod but they also create Mac notebooks and desktop computers, which are referred to as iMacs. Working at Apple is considered to be one of the best and most unique experiences. It is like Paradise on Earth for all the techies. A place where you feel pride going to, as you are part of something so big that every little thing counts.


Google, the name says it all. A company that is the worldwide leader in online search technologies as well as online advertising and latest being cloud computing. A company that has one of the best working environments including culture and diversity alongside all the perks and benefits one can hope for. Not to mention one of the coolest places to work at.

Government of Canada

What better way to give back to the society than by working for that society? One of the top employers for engineering graduates. Government of Canada offers a diverse network of various jobs throughout Canada. So if you aren’t sure what you are leaning towards, this might be a good bet to see what suits you best. This employer is well known for the benefits and compensations it offers not to mention stability and opportunities for you to advance your career and shine.


If you are looking for a job in aerospace then look no further. Boeing is one of the leading manufacturers of aviation. They design and manufacture aviation crafts including airplanes, rockets and satellites. One of the biggest perks of working at Boeing would be working on new and unique technologies. They offer benefits like that of all big companies and give their employees flexible working hours. They help you to focus on and enhance your skills.

So once you have that degree in your hand, waste not a moment to approach any one of these companies.

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