11 Experts Reveal The Best Course/Certification to Become a Travel Agent in the US

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Travel Insurance BC Course and Exam

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How to Become a Travel Agent in Quebec

Travel agents help clients plan and organize their trip – whether it is a fun vacation to world-famous locations or whether it is related to business or work. They coordinate flights, hotels, tours and more. It can be a fast-paced, exciting career where you get to meet all sorts of people.To be a successful travel … Read more

Continuing Education Options as a Travel Agent

The travel industry is becoming more and more competitive as agents pursue additional education and increase their qualifications. If you want to maintain your positions and reputation in the field, you’ll need to think about new certification or specialization in a particular sub-niche. The Travel Agent Education Requirements There are no particular state or national … Read more

TICO Sample Exam Answers

Before you enter one of the Sample Exam Answer pages, please consider the following:Candidates should treat the sample exams seriously and plan to write one or both (as it applies to individual circumstance) in a similar atmosphere as the actual exam. Allow yourself 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to write the sample exam. Remember that … Read more

TICO Sample Exam Answers – Supervisor Manager Exam

Sample Exam Questions to help prepare for the Education Standards Supervisor/ Manager ExamAnswer Sheet 1.) John is a student who has decided to create his own company to provide walking tours in his hometown of Thunder Bay. Some tourists book a tour, but because John has the flu, he does not show up. The tourists … Read more

TICO Sample Exam Answers – Travel Counsellor Exam

Sample Exam Questions to help prepare for TICO’s Education Standards Travel Counsellor ExamAnswer Sheet 1.) The phrase “to promote a fair and informed marketplace where consumers can be confident of their travel purchases” is the a. mission statement of the Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services b. mission statement of TICO c. vision statement … Read more

Benefits of being a Certified Travel Counsellor

Should you pursue certification to become a travel counsellor? How will this professional path be different from what a tourism agent does? The truth is that the additional work and getting the certificate can pay off in better professional opportunities.The world is becoming an increasingly global place and more people take lengthy vacations. Many of … Read more

Seven Reasons to Choose the Career of a Travel Counsellor

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History of the Travel Agent Industry

The travel agent industry has been quite varied, and has changed considerably over the years. It’s very interesting to see how travel agencies have evolved over the years – with the very first modern travel agency appearing in the 19th century. This may seem to be a long time ago, but it actually isn’t. Most … Read more