The Best Online Chemical Engineering Degrees

Acquiring a degree in chemical engineering will involve a lot of hard work. These programs put strong emphasis on chemistry, math, biology and physics. In addition, students go through the details of the most important engineering principles. Needless to say, chemical engineering programs aren’t created equal. Obtaining a chemical engineering degree online is a convenient … Read more

What’s the Best Online Computer Engineering Degree?

People who are more interested in hardware and building computers than programming will definitely enjoy obtaining a major in computer engineering. Computer engineers can pursue a vast range of careers in the field of information and technology. The expected annual growth in the demand for such professionals in nine percent and the annual salary in … Read more

22 Best Online Engineering Degrees and Programs

An engineering degree can open many professional doors and guarantee the beginning of a stellar career. Individuals that want to pursue this path have two options to choose among – standard programs and online engineering degrees. Both of these approaches come with specific advantages but online degrees seem to be becoming more and more popular. … Read more

What do Engineers do?

Engineering is one the most famous professions of the world. In Canada, there are 12 regulatory authorities just for the recognition and supervision of engineering license in the country. However, many people are still confused about the actual work an engineer undertakes. Engineering course is a rigorous study and a practical experience for the people … Read more

Top 10 Universities in Canada for Engineering

Engineering is considered to be serious degree in Canada. Attaining an engineering degree is generally thought to be just the first step towards becoming a professional engineer. Licensing and completion of several pre-requisites makes an engineering graduate a complete engineer in Canada. However, the selection of a good institute for engineering is vital for the … Read more

Top 5 Engineering Graduate Employers in Canada

Arguably engineering is one of the toughest professional degrees out in the world. Engineering students spend hours into the night pouring over books, going over designs, specifications and reasoning all to solve a problem, to coming up with quickest, most effective solution. Hence, engineers are considered to be clear headed, straight forward and logical. They … Read more

Pre Requisites to becoming a Professional Engineer

Engineering is a branch of science dealing with practical applications of chemicals, mechanics, electricity and likewise. It’s one of the most important educational degrees worldwide. Due to its impact on the society, engineers are normally supervised by some regulatory authority throughout the world. Same is the case of Canada, in which a simple engineering degree … Read more

How much does a Mechanical Engineer Make?

Mechanical engineer is the person who deals with industrial machinery and implements efficient solutions to run smooth operation of the industry. Mechanical engineers indulge in research and development, designing and implementation, testing and checking of a number of tools and instruments. You can easily observe the work of a mechanical engineer when you see a … Read more

What is the Employment Rate for Engineers

Unemployment is an undesirable factor for any government in power. A government is considered to be successful when it has controlled a number of factors including lowering down the unemployment rate of the country. Unemployment refers to a situation in which a person is actively searching for a job to fulfil his financial needs but … Read more

What Type of Engineers are there?

A person who develops machines and builds structures is known as an engineer. Whereas, the application of science, maths and mechanics in the field of research, designing, building and maintaining latest machines and structures is called engineering. This is a vast field which involves economics, scientific and social knowledge to incorporate and develop new things.Engineering … Read more